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Bernina WGD Pillow

Bernina WGD Pillow

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.    Fill Power: 650+
    Hungarian White Goose Down
    Thread Count: 254,
           Material: 100% Cotton Cambric
.   Finest European Shell
.   Guaranteed Hypoallergenic Down

Ethereal softness for a blissful night’s sleep. Welcome to Bernina, a pillow overstuffed with the fluffiest, loftiest Hungarian White goose down available, each cluster sourced, sorted, and twice-tested for quality and softness so you can rest in absolute comfort.

Product Care: 
  • Wash on a gentle cycle using mild soap.
  • Dry fully with tennis balls to properly fluff and redistribute down.


254 Thread Count
100% Cotton Cambric

650+ Hungarian White Goose Down

Sizes and Weights: 

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