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Cascada Peak WD Comforter

Cascada Peak WD Comforter

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    Fill Power: 600+
    White Down
    Thread Count: 300,
          Material: 100% Cotton Cambric
  Baffled Box Construction
    Guaranteed Hypoallergenic Fiber

Comfort that’s, at once, divinely luxurious and yet surprisingly accessible, is how we would best describe our Cascada Peak comforters. They  are stuffed with armfuls of deliciously soft white down wrapped in crisp, breathable cotton. The perfect indulgence for those seeking value without compromising on warmth and comfort.

Product Care: 
  • Wash on a gentle cycle using mild soap.
  • Dry fully with tennis balls to properly fluff and redistribute down.

300 Thread Count
100% Cotton Cambric

600+ White Down

Sizes and Weights: 

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